Scaling your career

Whether your business is an overnight
success (congrats!) or growing at a steady
pace, attracting the right talent is harder
than ever.

Matches made in heaven.
That’s what we go for, and we are fully committed to making it happen.
For good reason: the better the match,
the happier our customers, and the
greater the chance that you will be
our next BlueinQ ambassador.
No matter your area of expertise,
career-stage or the type of challenges
you get excited about, BlueinQ is your partner in realizing your career dreams.
At scaleups that are as pioneering and ambitious as you are. Chase your dream!

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Where dreams are scaled

BlueinQ is based in Amsterdam. An inspiring scene, but our meets & greets are largely virtual for now. So tasting our favorite latte might have to wait for a bit, but our team will happily poor you a digitized version.


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