Scale your dreams

It all starts with a dream. But it takes
more than one dreamer to achieve
business success. And the bigger the
dream, the more likeminded talent you
need to scale it. That’s where we come in!

We scale up your dreams

No matter how big you dream or where your dreams may lead you, BlueinQ scales your organization by attracting talent and/or by setting up and optimizing your recruitment processes.

The faster your business accelerates, the faster the engine needs to run. And that isn’t sustainable. So instead of working harder, work smarter. That calls for the right talent and scalable recruitment process. And that’s what BlueinQ excels in.

We have years of scale-up experience. And, more importantly, because we understand your challenges. Inside and out. We faced and overcame them all, many times over. Plus, we know how the big boys operate. We have adapted their best practices and added our own insights to benefit scaleup settings. This uniquely positions us to accelerate your growth. We really want you to succeed.

How can we help

Scaling Teams

We accelerate company growth by introducing you to the right talent. Whether you seek walk-the-talk team-leads or techies: we match at the DNA level.

Scaling Recruitment

We know how to overcome your challenges! We can help you conceptualize, implement and improve your internal recruitment processes.

Scaling your Career

Thinking about switching to an energetic (and energizing) scale-up? BlueinQ is your ENTRY sign. We’ll gladly shape and scale your future


Of our retained searches are completed successfully

Average time to hire in weeks

Recruitment experience in years

Why us

BlueinQ scales amazing dreams for a living.
And because it makes us happy. After all,
the scaleups we empower, can’t realize their
ambitions without a steady pool of talent.
And that would mean missing out on innovations
we could – and often do –fall in love with. So,
to us, scaling the dreams of inspiring disrupters
comes naturally.

And yes, we have the track-record to prove our approach to scaling works. Plus the network to
identify, reach and engage the right talent quickly.

And no, we don’t believe automated cv
screening does a great job by itself. The bigger
your organization dreams, the more important
it is to attract and commit people who truly
live and breathe it.

BlueinQ is:

  • An accomplished achiever of dreams
  • As agile and adventurous as you are
  • Open-minded, fun and customer-centric
  • A generous supporter of worthy charities
  • Always looking for likeminded talent
  • 100% honest: if we can’t help you, we’ll say so

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Where dreams are scaled

BlueinQ is based in Amsterdam. An inspiring scene, but our meets & greets are largely virtual for now. So tasting our favorite latte might have to wait for a bit, but our team will happily poor you a digitized version.


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